Reading Helps for Beginning Readers

The following is a list of reading helps to reference as you teach your child to read. Keep this handy during your reading time. It’s important to use the same phrase when you remind your child of the rule, which will help them remember it faster.

1-C makes the hard K sound-unless it’s in front of E, I, or Y, then it makes the “S” sound

2-G makes the hard G sound unless it is in front E, I, or Y when it sometimes makes the soft J sound

2-“Bossy E” or “Magic E” at the end of a word tells the preceding vowel to say it’s own name

3-telling b from d: make a fist with both hands, put them together and stick your pinkies up. It looks like a bed and your left fist looks like a b while your right fist looks like a d.

4-in one syllable words Y says I and in two syllable words Y says E.

6-one vowel, not at the end of word, it usually makes the short sound. One vowel, at the end of a word, it usually makes the long sound.

7-two or more vowels and the word ends with the vowel ‘E’, two things happen. The ending vowel ‘E’ is silent, and the vowel that comes before it has a long sound.

8-two of the same vowels in a row (called a double vowel), pronounce them as one vowel, using the long sound. (except O) aka “when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking”

9-“ti” in the middle of a word says “sh”

10-“igh” says I

11-K is always silent when it’s before N

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Are there any tricks that you use when you teach your child to read? Leave a comment and let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Reading Helps for Beginning Readers

  1. Moon

    This will cone in handy when I teach my son to read. I did struggle with his phonics when he was learning. Although he is attending school, combined efforts at home will help much with his education.

    1. Hazel Mill Post author

      I’m glad you found this helpful even though you’re not homeschooling. It’s so important to make the most of our time with our kids no matter where the go to school, and spending time helping your son with his reading will make a positive impact.


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