How to Make a Smoothie (aka: Homeschooling That Works)

A few weeks ago I decided I was going to start having smoothies for breakfast. At least 5 days a week was my goal.  So I dusted off my blender and searched the web for smoothie recipes.  One thing I didn’t want to do was be bogged down by having to stick with one particular recipe.  I knew that having ingredients on hand would be a potential stumbling block. So as I read through the recipes I made mental notes about the common ingredients.

The first Monday morning I was ready to get to it. I set up the blender, threw in frozen blueberries, some yogurt, peanut butter, juice, flax seeds and bananas. It was delicious. I kept doing this routine for the next couple of weeks.  But as the days went on I started to notice that it was pain to get the smoothie blended. I’d have to stop and restart the blender multiple times. Each time I stopped it I’d have to stick a spoon into it and try to get everything mixed up and pushed down closer to the blades.

It was getting frustrating. And to make matters worse, my daughter would yell out every time I stopped the blender, “ARE YOU DONE YET?” Every. Time.

Then a couple days ago it hit me…why do I always put the frozen stuff in first? This time I started with the yogurt, then peanut butter, juice, flax seeds, bananas, and last the frozen berries. That sucker blended up like a champ! Since then, smoothie time is a pleasant part of my day rather than a stressful, irritating, “why am I doing this?” part of my day.

So why did I tell you this long, embarrassing story of my lack of smoothie making skills?

Because I think it perfectly illustrates how many parents approach homeschooling. They have a great idea to homeschool their kids. They’ve decided it’s the best way for them so they do their research, pick out a curriculum, and set up a schedule. At first everyone is excited and motivated because it’s new and fun. But eventually they start to experience the irritations, the frustrations, the things that just don’t work unless they stop and try to cram everything into place.

So how about you? Is there anything in your homeschool that you’ve been doing backwards? Something that you started doing because someone told you to or just because that’s the way you thought it would work best at the beginning but now if you were honest you’d admit it really isn’t working?

If you’re struggling with your homeschooling, or finding yourself irritated or frustrated on an almost daily basis I want to challenge you to flip your homeschooling smoothie upside down. Be honest with yourself about where the problem areas are. Then don’t be afraid to break outside of your routine. Try something new, and dare I say – crazy. Your kids will thank you.

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Smoothie (aka: Homeschooling That Works)

  1. Sharon

    I’ve heard of some very successful homeschooling cases. Even though I don’t have any first-hand experiences myself, I know it requires a lot of dedication and discipline (especially on the parents’ part). It’s interesting to learn how you managed to overcome the initial barriers just with a sudden change of thought. And I think this experience you shared applies to many other aspects in life too!

  2. Rose

    Hey, that’s a really great example of how we can change things around to make the process easier. I can imagine home schooling would be tough but done the right way would be so rewarding for both parent and child. Thanks for sharing not only your yummy smoothie recipe but also inspiring others to not give up if something isn’t working.


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